Dear Colleagues,

The  Forum is organized as part of the “Astronomy & World Heritage” Thematic Initiative (Astronomy and World Heritage) of the UNESCO World Heritage Center, the purpose of which is to identify and preserve monuments and sites connected with the astronomy and having world historical and cultural value.

The Republic of Tatarstan makes systematic efforts to popularize monuments of astronomical heritage. A Museum of Natural History was established in the Kazan Kremlin and has thematic astronomy halls(2008). The Planetarium of Kazan Federal University was opened on the territory of the Astronomical Observatory named after V.P. Engelhardt (2013). There are regularly held specialized exhibitions and scientific forums.

In 2009, Kazan hosted the “AstroKazan-2009” – Multidisciplinary Astronomical Congressunder the auspices of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Commission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federationfor UNESCO, with the support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Within the framework of the Congress, there was held the International Conference “Astronomy and World Heritage: Through Time and Continents”, which set the task to include astronomical observatories of Kazan University into the UNESCO World Heritage List. The initiative of Kazan Federal University was supported by UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokovain 2017.

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